mini sessions

I believe in regular photography of your love and family because there is pure magic in this exact moment of your life that you WILL want to remember. Life is busy and chaotic and it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the season you’re in. But like the song by Macklemore, “you’ll miss the magic of these good old days” and photography can help you preserve these special moments!

Mini sessions help busy couples and families do just that!


  • 20 minutes of photography time

  • 25+ digital high-resolution images within a personalized gallery

  • The ability to download and print where ever you would like or through my professional lab right through your gallery!

  • Memories captured forever!

Is a mini session right for me?

Mini sessions are GREAT for busy couples who want to be sure to get their love captured regularly! Heck yessss!

They are also perfect for families with young kids! Kids do their best work in 20 minutes or less, I guarantee it! What I love about capturing families with kids is that it’s busy, chaotic and ALWAYS special. Your kid may or may not smile perfectly in my pose and guess what, that is OKAY! What we’re capturing is them, and you, exactly as it is in this season of life together! You want to remember how silly or stubborn or sweet they are and not the forced smiles. I almost always get at least one where everyone is smiling at me and then I capture a lot of super sweet memories together! So book a mini session and lets have some fun!

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