surprise proposal in Huntington Beach, California \ engaged!

This post is hard to write for two reasons. One, that’s my very best friend in the entire world and being apart of her proposal makes me all weepy and the second reason being that most of my really good things to say I should save incase I need them for a speech! So instead I’ll tell the story of their proposal from my point-of-view.

When steve reached out to me that he was planning to propose to Christine, I was beside myself!!! I felt as excited as if I was the one getting engaged. He makes Christine so happy and I knew before I even met him that he was the one. I could tell just from the way she talked about him! So I loved getting to see the ring he designed in progress and then he invited me to come take photos of the event!! Eek! (Did I invite myself? We’ll never know…). It was such an honor to be apart of his planning and I really enjoyed being in cahoots with Steve… of course, Christine was increasingly suspicious so I did my best to help throw her off when I could and that was also really fun.

When the date arrived and my husband had to travel for work it meant that Ryan, then 3.5 months old, and I were getting on a plane by ourselves to make this happen. I never questioned that we would make it work, just how! I wasn’t sure how he would handle the fast trip with lot’s to do and the 3 hour time zone but thankfully he did pretty well overall!

Except for…

We met Steve and his sister at the proposal set-up location. Steve will tell you I got out of the car all business. I strapped the baby into the front pack, saddled up my camera harness and I was ready. I put all of my excitement and nerves into staying focused on the main event.

Then Steve left to go pick up Christine and it was really game time! As we were waiting, Steve’s sister and I decided that I might have a better vantage point from a different location that we had planned on. So at the last minute, Ryan and I separated from her. This was when Ryan started to fuss a bit. I was anxiously bouncing him and we were getting hot as Christine and Steve started walking towards us… and Ryan started to really lose it. Colleen was too far away to hand him off so I was snapping and bouncing away when a group of strangers walking by asked if I needed help. Steve didn’t waste anytime popping down on his knee so there wasn’t time to accept their help but I did ask if they could pretend they were with me so that I looked less insane with a screaming baby and a giant camera.

After a few moments and she said yes I moved in closer. And she finally recognized me and that made it all worth it!!

Once we got Ryan out of the carrier and cooled down, he was his normal smiley self. He definitely made for an exciting part of the story.

I love you Christine and I also love you Steve because you love Christine so well. Thank you thank you thank you for the honor of capturing these special moments!