vibrant and fun wedding with CRAZY HOUR at Haus 820 in lakeland, Florida / wedding photography

I had a blast with Charlie and Lucielle at their DTSP engagement session last fall and I knew then that their wedding would be fun but I had no idea just how much fun it would be!!!!

First of all, their families are incredible!!! They have so much love for Lucielle and Charlie and so much genuine joy was flowing from them for this wedding and the combining of two families. It was so much fun to witness and capture! There is an image of Charlie’s dad helping him get ready that when I was culling in Starbucks one morning made me full on stop and cover my mouth because I was so happy to have captured the true love of parents on such a big day! And then there’s the first look between Lucielle and her dad! I mean, not many dry eyes for me while editing! Parenting GOALS!

We did their first look at the Hollis Gardens and found this amazing lush little hidden gem for so many sweet moments. And then at sunset we got to play with SMOKE BOMBS! Lucielle’s signature color is purple and I really wanted to capture her vibrance and so I did my first smoke bomb and i’m now kind of obsessed! And the color walls. I mean, this wedding is just dripping in inspiration and color!!

Okay, and then freaking CRAZY HOUR! I had no idea what crazy hour was. Lucielle mentioned it and I was like yeah, cool, that sounds fun. NO. It’s not fun. It’s unbelievable!! Let me tell you, crazy hour is exactly what it sounds like. A hour of absolute insanity. This party was already happening but them BAM! IT WAS ON. The music went nuts, the lights, the dancers, the robot, the balloons. It was the craziest dance floor I’ve ever seen! At one point someone pulled me into the madness for some dancing and I really did love that. If you’re planning a wedding you must have a crazy hour. Believe me.

Lucielle and Charlie. Your love is so much fun!! You are amazing together and you have so much love and support surrounding you two and I am so excited for your future together!