this is me!

My approach as your wedding & branding photographer is to capture real moments of you laughing and loving in beautifully composed photographs. I connect with my clients in a way that makes them comfortable in front of my camera and find ways to keep you moving so that every image comes together naturally.

I began my photography career in 2009 after I received my first DSLR for Christmas. I took a class and was then asked by a friend to do her engagement photos. I fell in love pretty instantly with the entire process and have been growing ever since! I went full-time in 2017, leaving behind a 10+ year career in corporate apparel product merchandising/creation at companies such as adidas, Nike & lucy Activewear! I have a habit of staying busy and still take on freelance merchandising projects from time to time!

My husband and I were married October 3rd, 2015 in San Francisco, where we were living at the time with our French Bulldog, Franklin in attendance! We’re now also parents to our busy three-year-old son, Ryan, and our new baby girl, Nell! 

We have called many places home! I am originally from Portland, OR, we spent 3 years in San Francisco, CA, 4 years in St. Pete, FL and are now calling Atlantic Beach, FL home!

It's important that you know I believe love is love and kindness is everything.

It's also important that you know: I can't start my day without coffee. I really like candy, especially sour patch kids. Rose' on a hot day is my happy place. I'm a reality tv junkie. I live for Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday. 

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hi, i'm jess!






October 3, 2015

Through beautiful photographs I tell your story and I celebrate you and your love, your changing families, and your stories as they are at that moment in time. I believe photography is crucial because life gets busy and before you know it, that once freshly engaged couple is in the thick of busy at work, moving, chasing babies, etc. In the midst of all that madness, you’ll catch a glimpse of your wedding photos hanging on your wall and you will pause… and you will remember the magic of that time. 

I know first-hand that there is magic in every phase of life that is important to preserve.

I think Mackelmore puts it best…

“I wish somebody would have told me, babe. Someday these will be the good old days. All the love you won’t forget. All these reckless nights you won’t regret. Someday soon, your whole life’s gonna change. You’ll miss the magic of these good old days.”

I am obsessed with preserving the magic in every phase of your relationship and life!